Insulated Overhead Shutter Door 

by KONGO Japan

STAR ROLLING® KONGO Cold Room Insulated Overhead Shutter Door is the best quality you can get in its class. Designed by Kongo Japan with a deep understanding of Asia's need, the Kongo's insulated overhead shutter door is designed for cold storage and temperature-sensitive warehouse, like cold chain logistics (fresh food), pharmaceutical warehouse, etc. which require strict temperature control. 

KONGO Overhead Shutter Door Total Solution 

KONGO Overhead Shutter Door Total Solution 

KONGO INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. (Japan) established in 1960 offers a total quality solution for logistic warehouse, cold storage, factory, and hanger. With more than 60 years of commitment to quality, KONGO specializes in the overhead shutter door with the precise calculation and balance of torsion spring and motor; it provides a smooth operation to the end-users. KONGO overhead shutter door is ideal for oversize critical entrance which requires manual operation during an electrical power failure.   

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