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  1. All fields are mandatory. We will not process your request without complete information.

  2. Provide us the product or services that you need us to quote the following template (please cut and paste into the "Description", modify by to suit your need). Please try to details requirements possible.


  • (1.) Door or shutter opening size: Width X Height X Quantity

  • (2.) The function of this door or shutter: Fire Rated Shutter / carpark / factory / shopfront / shopping mall.

  • (3.) Operation type: Motor / manual 

  • (4.) Location: Ground floor / second floor

  • (5.) The site is ready to receive the order: anytime /  under construction / next 3 months / budget purpose.



My wall opening is width 3000mm x height 3000m. The function of this shutter is for my factory loading bay located on the ground floor. The site will ready for installation next month.

Thanks for submitting!

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