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Fire Engine, Truck & Special Vehicle Shutter

STAR ROLLING® Vehicle & Fire Engine Shutter is designed and catered for secure, swift & easy access of your vehicle storage while on the move. Our watertight design vehicle & fire engine shutter system protect your tools, goods and belongings against pouring rain. Equipped with precision torsion spring concealed inside the aluminium pipe for efficient manual opening.

With STAR ROLLING® Vehicle & Fire Engine Shutter, you can design your vehicle functionality and mobility with great flexibility, and to deploy them anywhere and anytime.  

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Vehicle Shutter Locking Handle

Vehicle & Fire Engine Shutter Slat


Vehicle & Fire Engine Shutter Slat
Vehicle Shutter Locking Handle


Watertight Interlock Slats

Natural Anodised (NA) High Density Aluminium Interlocking Slats Inserted Weather-seal at each interlocking.


Nylon End-clips To Ensure Intact, Secure & Smooth Operation.

Handle Bar For Swift Opening 

  • Handle Bar (with universal key system.)

  • Custom Key (upon request)

Datasheet & Sizes

All Vehicle Roller Shutter Are Custom Made

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