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High-Speed Rapid PVC Shutter

Designed for frequent usage, security, dust, and airtight compartmentalization  

STAR ROLLING® High-speed PVC Sheet Shutter operates in a split-second and is designed for high traffic flow compartmentalization for dust control and building thermal efficiency. It is often used at dust-sensitive warehouse and coolroom. The user can mix between solid and transparent PVC sheets to create a visual safety window for safe operation during the traffic flow.  

PVC Rolling Type

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PVC Stacking Type

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Specifications & Technical Data Sheet

PVC Solid Curtain

High-speed PVC Shutter Blue Color
High-speed PVC Shutter Red Color
High-speed PVC Shutter Orange Color
High-speed PVC Shutter Green Color
High-speed PVC Shutter Grey Color

PVC Transprent  Curtain

High-speed PVC Shutter Transparent (Yellow) with mesh
High-speed PVC Shutter Transparent with mesh
High-speed PVC Shutter Transparent
  • 0.8mm thick eco-friendly high-strength industrial-grade polyester fibre fabric inserted with alloy-aluminium strength resistant bar, coated with PVC on both sides, designed for airtightness, dust resistant and easy cleaning. (Color: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, & Grey) 

  • Vision Panel:  1.2mm Transparent PVC fabric to be installed at the eyes level for safety and visual purpose. (Optional: Transparent Yellow With Fibre Meshes;  Transparent With Fibre Meshes)

  • Tear Resistance: 600/600 (longitude / latitude)

  • Tensile Strength: 4000/3500 (longitude / latitude)

  • Working Temp.: -30℃ to 70℃

  • Flammability: Non-flammable, non-toxic complied with    DIN75200. 


External covers made from 1.5mm thick 201# stainless steel, scratch resistant. Sole proprietor and customer guiding system to reduce contact and friction during the strong wind-load operation.


Heavy-duty servo motor, single-phase 220V, 0.75kw/1400/S. Opening speed @ 0.6-2.5m/s; closing speed @ 0.6-2.0m/s (adjustable). Come with absolute digital limit setting.

Operation Mode

  • Automatic shutter opening by the motion radar sensor

  • Manual operation by  push buttons

  • Manual override - motor break releaser for manual operation for power failure.

Safety Sensor

Infrared beam to be installed at both sides of the side guides to detect obstruction during operation.

Product Video

High-speed PVC Rapid Shutter Door

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