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Insulated Fire Roller Shutter (IFS) Partner with Gliderol

Certification: MS1073:PART3 & BS476:PART22

STAR ROLLING - Gliderol Fire Insulated Shutter

Model: SRS-IFS-4G-M-120 Series

Rating: 120 Mins Insulation/120 Mins Integrity

In the event of a fire, standard fire shutters can become dangerously hot, potentially igniting nearby combustible materials and causing the fire to escalate. Fire-insulated shutters provide a solution to this problem. 


Our fire-insulated shutters, designed with advanced insulation, are not just a solution, but a shield against the spread of flames. By containing radiated heat, they effectively halt the escalation of fire, ensuring not just safety, but enhanced safety. Crucially, they meet fire code requirements, making them an essential choice for buildings with flammable materials, providing reassurance about compliance.

Most fire codes permit fire shutters as compartment walls, but they must be insulated. 


In premises where highly combustible materials are stored, fire shutters should also be insulated. The objective is to effectively prevent the spread of fire through heat radiation.


The STAR ROLLING® Gliderol IFS-4G offers following features:-


  • Steel curtain design, simple and space-saving

  • Steel slats on both exposed curtain surfaces provide fire insulation against fire attacks from any direction

  • Robust and impact resistant - can function as a security shutter

  • Suitable as an external shutter, weather-resistant design with PVC bottom weather seal 

  • Durable – built for daily usage 

  • Rigid curtain – can accommodate air pressure differentials generated by mechanical vents 

  • Self-supporting design – steel guide posts transfer most of the shutter weight to the floor 

  • Can be configured to close within 30 sec or 60 sec where required fully 

  • Max size (1): Width of 12m x Height 6m

  • Max size (2): Width of 10m x Height  7.5m

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Door Curtain

The shutter curtain is formed by a single layer of steel interlocking cavity slats spanning the entire width of the door opening.

Door Curtain Material Slats

Each slat consists of a continuous length of an inner and an outer steel profile. They are connected back-to-back by modular stud brackets without the use of any exposed fasteners. This unique design secures the two profiles together while keeping them thermally separated. The voids between the two profiles are filled with insulation material to form a dense core.

End Clips

Custom-shaped steel end-clips are secured to the ends of the slat to prevent lateral movements.

Drum Assembly

The barrel assembly consists of an extremely rigid steel tube sheathed over a pair of drive shaft assemblies fitted to heavy-duty bearing sets and supported at both ends by steel head plates. The drive shaft is a solid polished steel round bar incorporating key ways to accept the drive sprocket. Corresponding to the size of the shutter, the head plates are either 6mm or 8mm thick, with shafts of either 38mm or 50mm diameter.

The entire drum assembly is enclosed by a housing consisting of 1.0mm thick galvanized steel sheet cladding secured over an insulation layer of fire boards.

The IFS-4G incorporates a self-supporting structure in the form of a ‘goal-post’ made up of steel ‘C’ channels. The entire shutter box and barrel assembly rests on this structure, thereby transferring the bulk of the weight to the floor. The head plate is then anchored to the wall to secure the shutter vertically.

Bottom Rail

The bottom rail is formed by 2 lengths of 50mm x 50mm x 2.0mm thick steel angles secured back-to-back through a medium of fire boards. A PVC weather seal covers over the fire boards and seals against the floor when the shutter is fully closed.

Door Guides

The door guides are a pair of modules formed by fire boards built around the steel ‘C’ channel vertical guide posts. The back of the guide module is finished with galvanized steel cladding.

Door Operation

Motor Drive

The drive unit consists of a suitably sized linear drive motor operator mounted parallel to and behind the door roll. It has an integrated gearbox and a chain-operated sheave wheel for manual operation in case of power failure. The control box is lockable and houses a set of push buttons for Up, Down, and Stop operations. The door operation shall automatically stop at the desired upper and lower limits via adjustable limit switches.

For safety reasons, the ‘DOWN’ button shall require the operator to push and hold when closing the shutter. This ensures the closing operation is being supervised. Upon sighting an obstruction, the operator will automatically release the push button by reflex. This action will instantly stop the downward travel of the shutter and prevent accidents.

Fire Activation

The motor operator's versatile control adaptability enables it to respond to a wide range of activation modes, including Fire Alarm signals, smoke or heat detectors, fusible links, etc. 

In certain situations, a fail-safe operating configuration may be required. This is available as an option.

Headroom & Space Requirements 

Malaysia Insulated Fire Shutter Typical Drawings

Product Video

Insulated Fire Shutter (IFS) W12000mm x H6000

Fire-rated Shutter Closing Time Within 30 Seconds

Notes for Copyrights & Patents:

  1. STAR ROLLING Shutter Sdn. Bhd. is the authorised reseller and installer for Gliderol® Fire Insulated Roller Shutter in Malaysia and other regions approved by Gliderol® 

  2. This design is the subject of Gliderol® international patent application published by the World Intellectual Property Organization publication No. WO 2019/151945 A1.

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