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High-Speed Insulated Spiral Shutter

Fast external shutter with PU infilled panels for excellent thermal insulation

STAR ROLLING® High-Speed Spiral Shutter with a maximum speed of 2.5 meters per second. It has a pair of compact, heavy-duty serial guides; the sections are securely guided into a spiral bracket. The shutter can reach an opening speed of up to 2.5m/s for heavy usage up to 2000 times daily. 

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Specifications & Technical Data Sheet

Maximum Size

Max Width:   6500mm                 

Max Height:  6500mm

(Oversize need to be redesigned)

Operation Speed

Max. opening speed 0.8 -2.5 m/s       

Max. closing speed 0.5 - 2.0 m/s

(Speed can be adjsuted)

Safety Sensor

  • Infrared beam to be installed at both sides of the side guides to detect obstruction during operation.

  • Pneumatic bottom-bar obstruction sensor (When activated, shutter to be rebounded/reopened while in operation.

Slats Material

40mm thick aluminum sandwich panels with PU-infilled; visual panels is optional. Resistance to wind load 30 M/S. K≤0.6W/(㎡•K)


Heavy-duty servo motor, single-phase 220-240V, 0.75kw/1400/S or 220-240V, 1.5kw/1400/S. Come with absolute digital limit setting.

Operation Mode

  • Automatic shutter opening by the motion radar sensor

  • Manual operation by  push buttons

  • Manual override - motor break releaser for manual operation for power failure.

Product Video

High-speed Insulated Spiral Rapid Shutter

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