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Fire Rated Roller Shutter 

Certification: BS476:PART22 & MS1073:PART3

Star Rolling® Fire-Rated Roller Shutter Series (1, 2 & 4 Hours), designed by Star Rolling's engineers, has been tested against the stringent British Standard (BS476:PART22:1987) and Malaysia Standard (MS1073:PART3:1996). The fire-rated shutters were tested in world-class accredited fire engineering laboratories - BRANZ (Building Research Association of New Zealand) and SIRIM (Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia)with impressive results of 4 hours with the structures still remaining intact. We are the approved fire-rated shutter manufacturer by BOMBA (Firefighting Department of Malaysia). All of our fire rated roller shutters are manufactured from 1st-grade materials like Zincalume® by BlueScope Steel, ZACS® by BlueScope Steel, or 1st-grade Galvanized Steel.



Interlocking curved shutter slat profile

Interlocking Shutter Slat

● Profile 100 for 1.0mm - 1.2mm

Powder Coat White

Slat Finishing Options

Zincalume Finished
Powder Coat Beige
Powder Coat Dark Grey 1
Powder Coat Light Grey

● Base finish: Metallic Zinc/Alum Spangled Coated ● Standard Powder Coat Color: White, Beige, Light Grey, Dark Grey ● Ask us for actual colour code

Side Guides
Standard Side Guide G75-1
Standard Side Guide G75-2
Side Guide Flex 150

● FRS Side Guide - SRS G75-1

● FRS Side Guide - SRS G75-2

● FRS Side Guide - SRS Flex 150

Bottom Bar
Standard Roller Shutter  Bottom Bar Inverted "T"
Heavy Duty Reinforced Roller Shutter Bottom Bar

● Standard Inverted "T"

● Heavy Duty Reinforced Bottom Bar

Operator Types
Taiwan shutter motor
Fire Shuttr Shutter Motor
Advance Fire Shutter Control Box
Fire Shutter Thermal Fusible Link
Shutter Key box

● Motor Operator (Must) - P1 AC220V /  P3 AC340V with Keybox

● Closure Activation (Standard) -  DC24V Relay

● Closure Activation (Advance) -  FRS Control Box With Thermal Fusible Link  


Measurement & Size

Space reservation requirement for shutter

Installation Clearance

Space reservation requirement for shutter
Space reservation requirement for shutter

Product Videos

Introduction Of Fire Shutter by STAR ROLLING®

Fire Shutter Test @ SIRIM 2024 by STAR ROLLING®

Fire Shutter In Action by STAR ROLLING®

Fire Shutter Simulation & Testing by STAR ROLLING®

Our recommended slats material:

BlueScope ColorBond
BlueScope Quality Material for Shutter

We recommend for pad-lock system:

Professional Shutter Padlock System
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