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“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.”

by: C.S. Lewis


Reason # 1


We Do Not Cut Corner

Quality is meaningless in the absence of integrity. In Star Rolling, we advise our customers about the optimum selection of materials cum products.


What we quote you is what we will deliver... or sometimes better.

Reason # 2


Quality Material - Strength

High tensile steel guaranteed at 300 Mpa minimum is used for all STAR ROLLING® roller shutter slats to give me the maximum protection and durability. The slats play the essential defense and functional role in roller shutters, making a significant part of costs.


We are using high tensile steel > least 500 Mpa for other components like side-guides, end-plates and roller shutter motor chassis, 


Quality shutter comparison

Feel the strength!

Notes: Both materials' thickness are 0.5mm at bare hand test.

Reason # 3

Quality Material - Anti-rust

We recommend Zincalume® (AZ150 G300) by BlueScope® Steel Malaysia. Working with Bleuscope® for more than 20 years, a literary ZERO complaint arisen from the rusty material based on normal usage.

BlueScope® Zinc & Aluminium Coated Steel (ZACS) Steel are the base specifications for our steel shutters.

In STAR ROLLING, we ensure that all materials and components used are carefully calculated and selected to optimize the dollar and cents of customer investments.

Quality shutter comparison

See the different!

Notes: 5 Years in-huose anti-rust testing.

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