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G-Lock Padlock System

The Best Roller Shutter Padlock In The World®


Why G-Lock for Roller Shutter?

G-Lock is an award-winning patented padlock system for roller shutter.  It simple cum arrogant design provides maximum security (passed the 3 tons tensile pulling test by The Hong Kong Standards & Testing Centre Ltd.)  that recognized by reputable Hong Kong insurance companies.


Its unique flat-top design prevents the accident that could be arisen from high heel stepping into the conventional padlock hole. Also, it provides the stunning finishing that could seamlessly blend in with also all kind interior design floor surface.  


Its supercharged magnetic pulling tip allows hassle-free. No more hard time aligning the shutter bottom-bar hole to the conventional padlock!


G-Lock is easy to be installed for both new and existing roller shutter and door. 

Easy Alignment With Bottom-bar Hole

Test Report by STC

(Max Tensile Strength 3.36 ton) 

Supercharged Magnetic Pulling Tip for Easy Operation
G-Lock Photo Gallery 
No More Ugly & Rusty Padlock

We recommend for slat material:

We recommend for pad-lock system:


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