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Perforated See-thru Roller Shutter

STAR ROLLING® Perforated See-thru Roller Shutter base material is made from 1st-grade superior alloy zinc & aluminum-coated steel both in strength and anti-rusts like Zincalume® and ZACS® with beautiful polyester powder coat finish. It gives the well-balanced between 3 elements "airflow, display, and security." Its common applications include carpark, loading bay, security compartmentalization between floors for residence, shopfront protection.



Interlocking Perforated Shutter Slats

● Profile 75 for 0.5mm - 0.8mm

● Profile 100 for 0.9mm - 1.2mm

Slat Finishing Options

Powder Coat Finishing Is Highly Recommended For Perforated See-Thru Shutter 

Powder Coat White
Powder Coat Beige
Powder Coat Dark Grey 1.jpeg
Powder Coat Light Grey

● Standard Powder Coat Color: White, Beige, Light Grey, Dark Grey (Ask us for actual colour code) ● Bare finish:  Metallic Zinc & Alum Spangled Coated 

Bottom Bar

Standard Roller Shutter  Bottom Bar Inverted "T"
Heavy Duty Reinforced Roller Shutter Bottom Bar

● Standard Inverted "T"

● Heavy Duty Reinforced Bottom Bar

Locking System

Roller Shutter Spring Lock
Roller Shutter G-Lock

● Motorised RS - Keybox

● Spring RS - Centre Lock or Spring Lock (Optional)

● Spring RS - Standard Padlock Kit or G-Lock (Recommended)

● Chain-block RS - Chain lock

Side Guides & Mullion

roller shutte side guide
roller shutte side guide

● Various side guides and mullion designs to suit the site conditions, We will advise our customer the best option to fit your site and design condition.  

Operator Types

● Motor Operator (Recommended) -Single Phase AC220V / DC24V for normal usage ● Industrial Motor Operator - Single Phase AC220V / Three Phase AC340V for heavy-duty usage ● Spring Operator - Manual push / down for small size shutter ● Chain-block Operator - For less frequently used big size shutter

Installation Clearance

Measurement & Size

Our recommended slats material:

We recommend for pad-lock system:

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