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Roller Shutter Maintenance

Coverage Areas: The Whole Malaysia

Roller Shutter Maintenance

The Need for Professional Scheduled Maintenance 


The roller shutter, both manual and motorized, is an important component of your building as it usually functions as a doorway or fire compartmentalization by law; Therefore, it is vital to ensure they are in good functional condition at all time as it is critical for safety and daily operation.


As all roller shutters contain movable parts, which are wear and tear in nature, they required scheduled maintenance to keep them in well-working conditions.


STAR ROLLING® Shutter Malaysia provides comprehensive scheduled maintenance for a broad range of roller shutters to help you to ensure your roller shutters are well maintained.  


Scheduled Maintenance Interval


The scheduled maintenance interval depends on by law, the criticality of operation, the age of the roller shutter.

Scheduled Maintenance Interval.png
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