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Roller Grille Shutter

STAR ROLLING® Roller Grille Shutter gives the maximum air ventilation and natural sunlight and to provide strong security protection. Roller grille shutter can be installed both indoor and outdoor. Its typical applications include carpark, loading bay, garage, security compartmentalization between floors for residence, shopfront protection and more.


Grill Design

Design - Brick Type

Design- Square Type

External natural anodised aluminium pipes stringed together with solid mild-steel or stainless rods. 

Bottom Bar

Standard Roller Shutter  Bottom Bar Inverted "T"
Heavy Duty Reinforced Roller Shutter Bottom Bar

● Standard Inverted "T"

● Heavy Duty Reinforced Bottom Bar

Locking System

Roller Shutter Spring Lock
Roller Shutter G-Lock

● Motorised RS - Keybox

● Spring RS - Centre Lock or Spring Lock (Optional)

● Spring RS - Standard Padlock Kit or G-Lock (Recommended)

● Chain-block RS - Chain lock

Side Guides & Mullion

roller shutte side guide
roller shutte side guide

● Various side guides and mullion designs to suit the site conditions, We will advise our customer the best option to fit your site and design condition.  

Operator Types

● Motor Operator (Recommended) -Single Phase AC220V / DC24V for normal usage ● Industrial Motor Operator - Single Phase AC220V / Three Phase AC340V for heavy-duty usage ● Spring Operator - Manual push / down for small size shutter ● Chain-block Operator - For less frequently used big size shutter

Measurement & Size

Installation Clearance

Our recommended slats material:

We recommend for pad-lock system:

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