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ClearVision® Transparent Roller Shutter

STAR ROLLING® ClearVision® Transparent Polycarbonate Roller Shutter lets your showroom and commercial building to continue its display even after the closure. Designed by Star Rolling's engineers, made from our special compounded poly-carbonate plastic formula, ClearVision® withstands UV and high-impact that allow maximum transparency after the closure without scarifying the security and durability. 



Quality transparent security shutter with high transparency

ClearVision® Polycarbonate panels joined with extruded aluminum interconnector with riveted nylon end-caps at both ends.

(Thickness: 2.0mm & 3.0mm)

Bottom Bar

Standard Roller Shutter  Bottom Bar Inverted "T"

Extruded aluminium with inverted "T" profile.

Locking System

Roller Shutter Spring Lock
Roller Shutter G-Lock

● Motorised RS - Keybox

● Spring RS - Centre Lock or Spring Lock (Optional)

● Spring RS - Standard Padlock Kit or G-Lock (Recommended)

● Chain-block RS - Chain lock

Side Guides & Mullion

roller shutte side guide
roller shutte side guide

● Various side guides and mullion designs to suit the site conditions, We will advise our customer the best option to fit your site and design condition.  

Operator Types

● Motor Operator (Recommended) -Single Phase AC220V / DC24V for normal usage ● Industrial Motor Operator - Single Phase AC220V / Three Phase AC340V for heavy-duty usage ● Spring Operator - Manual operation for small size shutter

Measurement & Size

Installation Clearance

We recommend for pad-lock system:

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