Security Roller Shutter

STAR ROLLING® Security Roller Shutter is designed to suit most of the buildings security needs. We develop and manufacture from light-duty security shutter (thickness 0.5mm BMT) to heavy-duty security shutter (thickness 1.2mm BMT) and super typhoon shutter (up to thickness 2.0mm BMT). All our shutters are produced using 1st-grade superior materials both in strength and anti-rusts like Zincalume® and ZACS® by BlueScope Steel for reliability and durability. 



Interlocking Shutter Slat

● Profile 75 for 0.5mm - 0.8mm

● Profile 100 for 0.9mm - 1.2mm

Powder Coat White

Slat Finishing Options

Zincalume Finished
Powder Coat Beige
Powder Coat Dark Grey 1.jpeg
Powder Coat Light Grey

● Base finish: Metallic Zinc/Alum Spangled Coated ● Standard Powder Coat Color: White, Beige, Light Grey, Dark Grey ● Ask us for actual colour code

Side Guides & Mullion

● Various side guides and mullion designs to suit the site conditions, We will advise our customer the best option to fit your site and design condition.  

Bottom Bar

Standard Roller Shutter  Bottom Bar Inverted "T"
Heavy Duty Reinforced Roller Shutter Bottom Bar

● Standard Inverted "T"

● Heavy Duty Reinforced Bottom Bar

Locking System

● Motorised RS - Keybox

● Spring RS - Centre Lock or Spring Lock (Optional)

● Spring RS - Standard Padlock Kit or G-Lock (Recommended)

● Chain-block RS - Chain lock

Operator Types

● Motor Operator (Recommended) -Single Phase AC220V / DC24V for normal usage ● Industrial Motor Operator - Single Phase AC220V / Three Phase AC340V for heavy-duty usage ● Spring Operator - Manual push / down for small size shutter ● Chain-block Operator - For less frequently used big size shutter


Measurement & Size

Installation Clearance

Our recommended slats material:

We recommend for pad-lock system:

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